Looking Back on 2021

Thursday, January 13, 2022

As with presenting the year’s musician anniversaries, it has become custom for us to take a look back on the past year and share what was most popular with our website readers. These are the year’s blog posts that were read the most often, according to our website statistics:

  1. The RISM Lecture Series: the The Fondo Cappella Sistina in RISM (announcement and video) and the Bach Collection of the Berlin Staatsbibliothek (announcement and video). We’re so glad you enjoyed them. Please stay tuned for more this year.

  2. The discovery of the proofs for Orlando di Lasso’s ‘Magnum Opus Musicum’ (1604), truly a sensational find from our RISM Germany colleagues.

  3. The musical public domain in 2021: The 2022 edition will be here soon!

  4. 2021 composer anniversaries: don’t miss the 2022 anniversaries here!

  5. A newly discovered recorder sonata attributed to Vivaldi by Inês d’Avena and Claudio Ribeiro

  6. Digitised Manuscripts from the Royal Music Library, from the British Library

  7. Venetian Music Online, an online research portal

  8. Digitised music manuscripts update at the British Library by Chris Scobie

  9. The 200th Birthday of Pauline Viardot by Christin Heitmann

  10. Plaine & Easie Tutorial Now Available, in collaboration with Christina Linklater (RISM US)

Other stories were still widely read despite being somewhat older, including Joseph Bologne’s “L’Amant Anonyme”, Listen to the world’s oldest piano, Scott Joplin’s “The Cascades” and the St. Louis World’s Fair, Electronic Thematic Catalogs, and Music Incipit Search(es).

Some of our social media highlights were:

We hope that your 2022 is full of health, happiness, and music. If you have news of your own that would be of interest to the RISM community, please do share it with us.

Image: Henry Ericsson (1898–1933), Fireworks over the Senate Square (Ilotulitus Senaatintorilla). Finnish National Gallery, via Europeana (public domain).

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