No siglum? No problem!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

From time to time we come across articles, dissertations, or databases with a list of sigla that includes a phrase such as “the following sigla, not in RISM, were derived for this project.”

There’s a better way! We’ll make one for you!

If you need a siglum for your research project, just e-mail us with the name of the institution–as well as the address or website if you know it–and we will create a new siglum for you.

The RISM siglum database seeks to document all institutions with music holdings worldwide. This includes archives, libraries, churches, private collections, museums, institutes. The sigla are available for scholarly use to be cited in your work.

When you ask us to create a new siglum, you are enriching our database and increasing awareness of musical institutions around the world. The siglum is then available for other scholars to use. You also help prevent duplicate sigla from circulating in the scholarly literature.

In 2014, we created 189 new sigla from countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. These requests came from our own RISM contributors who catalog the musical holdings of new institutions and researchers who need to cite an institution for publication.

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