Report on the conference closing session

In memoriam Michel Huglo (14.12.1921 – 13.05.2012).

In RISM series B, III Michel Huglo was, together with Christian Meyer, author of volume 3 and together with Nancy C. Phillips author of part II of volume 4. In 1999 and 2004, RISM published his catalog Les Manuscrits du Processional in 2 volumes under B XIV.

RISM is developing very well. The free-of-charge online catalog now contains 820,000 records and has been very well received. Last year it was expanded by 55,000 records from the UK working group which were until then only available via the RISM UK website.

The free catalog encourages groups and individuals to collaborate and I would like to thank all participants very much for their contributions. Data entry for RISM does not go just one way. We developed tools for exchange, i.e. as metadata for digital resources, and we are discussing ways to make linked open data out of it.

The online catalog will be expanded in the near future by data from series B/1. Later on we can include series A/I, which we published last year on CD-ROM.

The aim is to bring as much source data as possible into the online catalog.

Together with the AMA working group it was decided to review series C and make it available as an online resource.

At the beginning of June 2012, RISM celebrated its 60th anniversary with a conference at the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur in Mainz. For more information, see the RISM website,, where you can find abstracts and some complete presentations.

Thank you for supporting the RISM projects.

Thanks to Ben Knysak, a joint R Projects website could be developed.


Klaus Keil


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