The Music Collection at the Diocesan Library in Sandomierz in the RISM Catalog

Magda Walter-Mazur

Monday, August 2, 2021

We have received the following from Magda Walter-Mazur (RISM Poland):

The project to catalog the music manuscripts from the Diocesan Library in Sandomierz (PL-SA) has been completed. It was carried out from 2017 to 2021 by Magdalena Walter-Mazur, Karolina Kaźmierczak and Michał Wysocki with financial support from the Institute of Musicology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The collection from Sandomierz is one of the most extensive of its kind in Poland. It includes in total 713 library items, cataloged in RISM in 2425 records (among them 170 collection parent records). A decisive majority of the manuscripts originates from the eighteenth century, a significant number from the first three decades of the nineteenth century and single copies from the seventeenth century. It encompasses the repertoire of the church ensembles, of convent cantors and organists and keyboard compositions. In the preserved manuscripts, we find mainly compositions by Polish, Italian, German and Czech composers; however, anonymous compositions prevail.

Almost all of the manuscripts are accessible online in digitized form on the home page of the Diocesan Library in Sandomierz.

Image: Cover of Jan Piotr Habermann, Ista quam laeti. Autograph manuscript, 1742-1762. RISM ID no. 1001068027. Diocesan Library in Sandomierz, PL-SA 258/A VII 18 (public domain).

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