The secret garden of Pierre Bergé

Monday, January 22, 2018

The following originally appeared the blog of the Loeb Music Library (Harvard University) and is by Christina Linklater (RISM US). It is reproduced here with kind permission.

The Loeb Music Library has just acquired three items previously owned by the French industrialist, arts patron and AIDS activistPierre Bergé (1930-2017). A co-founder of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, Bergé cultivated a “jardin secret” all his life, accumulating important rare books and scores as well as Impressionist paintings, Old Master drawings and decorative ceramics.

There is a very rare first issue of the first edition ofMozart’s six Opus 3 trio sonatas, published in 1764 (RISM A/I: M 6346). These were “Printed for the author and sold at his lodgings,” thehouse in Sohowhere eight-year-old Wolfgang Mozart, his sister Nannerl and their father Leopold resided during the London period of their European tour.

Mozart title page Merritt Mus 745.1.383.1

Bound in are several items accumulated by owners prior to Bergé, including a note detailing the purchase history by the original owner, Thomas Jones (“It was of the little musician himself I purchased this book”), several newspaper items, and a portrait of the Mozart family.

Thomas Jones note Merritt Mus 745.1.383.1

newspaper Merritt Mus 745.1.383.1

Family portrait Merritt Mus 745.1.383.1

This item was acquired by the Schafer Mozart Book Fund. Images of the entire score will soon be available online.

And there are two collections of early trio sonatas by Arcangelo Corelli, printed inBologna in 1688 (RISM A/I: C 3661) and inVenice in 1691 (RISM A/I: C 3733).

Trio sonatas

Trio sonatas stacked

Like the rest of Pierre Bergé’s librarytwoother

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