RISM Online launched at the IAML congress in Prague

Thursday, July 28, 2022

We are pleased to announce the public launch of RISM Online, a new service designed by our colleagues at the RISM Digital Center. This search tool is intended to complement the RISM Catalog that our users have known for many years, and provide them with alternative ways and means of interrogating RISM data.

The introduction of the new tool also brings about a slight change on our homepage: as you see, the term you enter in the search field above can now be searched both in the RISM Catalog and in RISM Online, depending on which button you click on. The default setting is the classic RISM Catalog, indicated by a checkmark, so if you simply hit Enter after typing your search terms, the results will be shown from there. If you decide to make use of both options, running searches on the two sites alternately, the default checkmark will always appear for the button you clicked the last time.

Key features of RISM Online that our users may find valuable to explore include:

  • A new incipit search (launched through the eighth-notes icon on the left) with colored note highlights showing query matches.
  • Dedicated searches for our People and Institutions (available by clicking on the respective icons above the eighth-notes on the left), and a new interface for exploring the sources attached to them.
  • A new “National Collection” feature (to be reached through the globe icon in the top left corner) that provides a shareable link to searching only the collections of a particular country.
  • An innovative record preview showing search results and records on the same screen, allowing users to quickly identify useful results that they might want to investigate further.

The new service will be demonstrated on 29 July 2022, at the main RISM session of the annual IAML congress in Prague. Feedback is welcome, and can be sent to feedback@rism.online.

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