RISM at the 2022 IAML Congress in Prague

Thursday, July 14, 2022

This year’s annual IAML Congress will take place in Prague from 24–29 July, an event we look forward to every year—and this year even more so, after two years of postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic.

RISM has a full week of events planned, capping off with a special RISM Day on Saturday, 30 July. You can find details about all of the week’s RISM sessions on our IAML 2022 page.

Please note that two of our RISM events require separate registration:

  • On Tuesday, 26 July, we will hold an introductory workshop to Muscat, the cataloging application used by RISM. The workshop is geared toward any potential RISM contributors as well as anyone interested in gaining insight into RISM’s cataloging methods. After attending both the morning (11:00-12:30) and the afternoon (14:00-15:30) sessions of the workshop, participants will be ready to start their own RISM projects and contribute directly to our database.

  • The other special RISM event is our RISM Day which will take place on Saturday, 30 July, at the National Library. Please see the full program of the RISM Day on our Congress page. The RISM Day is open to everyone, even if they are not registered for the IAML Congress itself.

Space is limited for the Muscat workshops as well as for the RISM Day. There is no extra charge for either event. Please register by sending an e-mail to contact@rism.info.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person in Prague!

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