Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission

Anna de Bakker

Thursday, February 25, 2021

We have received the following from Anna de Bakker:

Do you own a piece of a chant manuscript? Or perhaps you know about a manuscript page displayed in a choir room, or at a church or library? Then we are looking for you! Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission is an ongoing research project aiming to understand how chant travelled over time and space. As part of this project, we hope to collect as many fragments as possible into an online database, and catalog their chants for the use of researchers everywhere. Will two pages from the same book find each other, separated by continents or oceans? Will an unknown chant turn up in somebody’s living room? Contribute to the database and find out! We hope that the more people participate, the more we all will learn about some of these fragments whose backgrounds currently are often somewhat mysterious.

If you have access to a piece of a chant manuscript, please drop a note to for more information!

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