The entry “RISM” of Chinese Wikipedia is now officially online!

With the assistance of RISM Zentralredaktion and International advisors Dr. Nora YEH and Prof. Judy TSOU, RISM-CLR have completed the Chinese translation of Wikipedia article of the entry “RISM.” Website address is as follows.


在RISM Zentralredaktion與國際顧問葉娜博士與周尚澤教授的協助下、RISM華語區工作小組經過數月討論與修訂,完成維基百科中文版「國際音樂文獻資源總目」的條目並正式上線。網址連結如


在RISM Zentralredaktion、国际顾问叶娜博士与周尚泽教授的协助下、RISM华语区工作小组经过数月讨论与修订,完成维基百科中文版「国际音乐文献资源总目」的条目并正式上线。网址连结如.


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Digital Archive Center for Music of National Taiwan Normal University
HUANG Chun-Zen (Director)
TSENG Tzu-Chia 162, Sec. 1 Heping E. Rd., Taipei City, 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
+886 2 7734 1692

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Hong Kong Central Library
Melinda LEE (Chief Librarian)
LI King-Yin
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Prof. Judy Tsou
Dr. Nora Yeh