2016/06 Working Group meeting of RISM-Chinese Language Region was successfully held in Taipei

2016 Working Group meeting of RISM-Chinese Language Region was held in Digital Archive Center for Music of NTNU in Taipei on the 3rd of June. In addition to the working report of the first half of 2016, representatives also laid down the progress of works for the second half, and kept moving towards the objective of Cooperative Development and Resource Sharing of Chinese Music Heritage!

2016/06 RISM華語區工作小組台北會議圓滿舉行

2016 RISM華語區工作小組台北會議於6月3日(五)下午圓滿舉行,本次會議邀集華語區工作小組成員前來與會,除了進行上半年工作報告,並且也為下半年的工作訂下時程與進度,繼續朝向建構華人地區音樂文獻保存共建共享的終極目標邁進!

2016/06 RISM华语区工作小组台北会议圆满举行

2016 RISM华语区工作小组台北会议于6月3日(五)下午圆满举行,本次会议邀集华语区工作小组成员前来与会,除了进行上半年工作报告,并且也为下半年的工作订下时程与进度,继续朝向建构华人地区音乐文献保存共建共享的终极目标迈进!


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