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Thursday, August 14, 2014

We (relatively) recently received two journal issues from the organizations that co-sponsor RISM, IAML and IMS. Both contain articles that discuss musical sources or institutions and could be of interest to the RISM community. They have been cataloged in Kallisto and can be cited by our RISM contributors.

From Acta musicologica 85/2 (2013)

• Jane Morlet Hardie, “Juan de Yciar and Decorative Traditions in Spanish Cantorales of the Long Sixteenth Century: Some Manuscripts from the Sydney University Collection [AUS-Sfl],” p. 149-168. RISM short title: HardieY 2013

• Shin Nishimagi, “Une notation alphabétique avec le si bémol grave dans un manuscrit anglo-normand: Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig XII 5 (XIIe siècle),” p. 139-148. RISM short title: NishimagiG 2013 Manuscript discussed: US-MAL Ms. Ludwig XII 5 (Phillipps 12145)

From Fontes artis musicae 61/1 (January-March 2014)

• Allan Badley, “How foreign is foreign? On the origins of Leopold Hofmann’s smaller liturgical works,” p. 30-41. RISM short title: BadleyH 2014

• Jorid Nordal Baumann, “The Norwegian Music Heritage Project,” p. 48-50. RISM short title: BaumannN 2014 Discusses manuscripts in: N-Onm

• Renata Suchowiejko, “Music Manuscripts in the Polish Library in Paris [F-Ppo],” p. 51-60. RISM short title: SuchowiejkoP 2014

• Justyna Szombara, “The Collection of Musical Manuscripts in I. J. Paderewski’s Personal Library,” p. 1-20. RISM short title: SzombaraP 2014 Discusses manuscripts in: PL-Kdp

• Xu Wu, “Music Libraries in China,” p. 25-29. RISM short title: WuC 2014 Discusses CN-BEIccm, CN-SHAcm

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