IAML Conference 2010: RISM Presentations

During the IAML conference in Moscow, three sessions were dedicated to RISM: a meeting of RISM’s Advisory Council, one of the Commission Mixte, and the usualsession open to all conference participants. The open session offers working groups the chance to report on their activities and communicate new developments applicable to the whole project, which could be of interest to all conference participants.

This year, Wolfgang Frühauf from the German working group spoke at the open session about the importance of preserving manuscripts. Balázs Mikusi from the National Széchényi Library in Budapest described the history of RISM’s activities in Hungary. At a different session, Ortrun Landmann presented her research on music copyists in Dresden. Below are links to the three reports.

Wolfgang Frühauf, Dresden, German Working Group

Describing and Preserving Music Manuscripts

Ortrun Landmann, Dresden

Notes on the Music Copyists of the Dresden Court, 1720-1850

RISM Hungary

“Per astra ad aspera: RISM in Hungary”

by Balázs Mikusi (National Széchényi Library, Budapest)


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