A Short History

Since 1993, Slovenia (as an independent state) has been participating in the international RISM project for series A/II for cataloguing music manuscripts between 1600 and 1850, although the connections between RISM and Dragotin Cvetko (1911–1993), the founder of Slovenian musicology, were established long ago.

At the beginning, the work for RISM started in the Music Collection of the National and University Library in Ljubljana. Ludvik Zepič, its first head, worked on the preparation of the publications of the series A/I, B/VI and B/I–II. When in 1967 Ivan Klemenčič took charge of the Music Collection, cooperation with RISM continued.

With the establishment of the Institute of Musicology at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana in 1980, the cooperation with RISM was renewed. Since then, the work on the A/II project has been the primary focus.


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