Muscat workshops are hosted by the RISM Editorial Center or organized by members of our national groups around the world. If you are interested in organizing a workshop, we’re happy to assist. We can also give Muscat demonstrations online.

Access to a training server is available for use in demonstrations, at conferences, or in workshops.

To our regular Muscat users: You can also hold a Muscat workshop! Consider proposing a Muscat session for your next library or musicological association conference.

Upcoming workshops

IAML Prague

A two-part Muscat training session will be held on 26 July 2022 during the IAML Congress in Prague. Please see our IAML Prague page for details, including registration information.

Online workshops

The next online Muscat workshops from the RISM Editorial Center are tentatively scheduled for the spring and fall of 2022. Further workshops can be held on request; please contact us for more information:

Past workshops and demonstrations